Walk and Wag provides a variety of pet care services to fit your needs. You may choose to mix and match any of the services we provide in order to create a schedule to fit your pets needs.


We offer 30 minute individual walking sessions for your dog(s). We do not participate in group walks; we believe this does not provide adequate exercise and attention for your pet. You may choose as little as one walk or a routine of daily walks for your dog. We have no minimum requirements and we will come as often as needed. Each 30 minute session provides vigorous and stimulating exercise for your dog so they can work off excess energy and feel more relaxed for the rest of the day. Should your dog need special care because of old age or health problems just let us know and we will adjust the walk to include other types of play and fun so they feel more comfortable. Whether it be one walk or several we will provide all the love, care and exercise your dog needs to be happy and content.



Why bother worrying about running back and forth to a kennel each time you need to go out of town. If your schedule demands you to be away from home for just one night or if you are taking that vacation that you have been dreaming of, why not let your pet stay in the comforts of your own home? Walk and Wag will make ½ hour visits to your home 1-4 times daily for as many days as you need us to while you are away. We will provide one on one love and care for your dog that they could never receive at a kennel all while keeping an eye on your home.


Cats need love and care too while you are away. Walk and Wag will come to your home to provide some fun playtime for your cat(s) as well as taking care of the necessities like food, water, and litter box maintenance. We love our feline friends just as much as their K-9 counterpart, so just let us know what makes your cat happy and content and we will provide it.


  • Provide dog walks, playtime, and exercise
  • Provide food, fresh water, and treats
  • Scoop and/or change litter box
  • One on one love, care, and fun
  • Administer medications if needed
  • Examination of your pets to recognize any changes in their health
  • Vet visits for emergency
  • Bring in your mail
  • Water plants
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Set your alarm
  • Adjust air conditioning/ heat
  • Put trash out for pick up
  • Scheduled vet visits (for additional fee)

We feel it is best to keep your pet on their schedule so we ask that you provide an adequate supply of their own food, litter, and any treats they may like.


Sometimes you may prefer to have someone be with your pet(s) during the night. Walk and Wag offers overnight sitting. Included in overnight sitting are 3 half hour walks throughout the day, all of the services that are provided with pet sitting, and we will stay overnight in your home to keep your pet company through the night. If your dog suffers from a little separation anxiety, you may want to consider this option.

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